One of the most difficult issues we have as mould manufacturers is competing in the worldwide market to create tooling at a low cost while maintaining part quality. While most firms estimate tool prices based on experience or spreadsheets, they frequently make mistakes, either quoting too high and losing the contract to the competition or incurring additional expenses later in the production process, resulting in a financial loss.

It's tough for us to measure how much time and money we spend each month on mould quotation. Other mould producers waste a significant amount of time and money each month quoting moulds that will never be used. This business model will not work in the long term. Our single solution is a CAD software product that allows us to precisely compute mould costs by recognising cost-drving geometric characteristics such as surface area, volume, wall thickness, feature ribs, apertures, and undercuts..

The tool streamlines and automates the quotation process while removing reliance on third-party apps. Machinability is assessed for 3D models created in or imported from CAD software, taking into account the draught angle, wall thickness, mould flow, and plastic injection. Feature recognition characteristics are then used to identify costing parameters. Then there's product cost management, which we figure out for tooling cost estimation, as well as labour cost estimation, using our costing criteria.

CAD Advanced feature recognition also aids in the identification of characteristics that are important cost drivers for product and mould costing estimation, as well as those that are necessary for cost models. 3D models provide an enterprise-wide platform for managing calculations, as well as the foundation for standardised costing estimation, fact-based calculations, and cost transparency. We can provide rapid, accurate cost estimates for quotations and tool cost analysis using calculations. Injection moulding calculation, cost estimation, and cost with respect to production cycle are all part of our product cost management.

Geometric parameters and features can be manually inserted into the geometry object, or CAD software can be used to populate the geometrical parameters and features in a semi-automated manner. While features are recognised automatically, it is always necessary to evaluate the findings and interact with the data manually.

Advanced elements like as ribs, undercuts, bending regions, and so on are also detected by the programme, which are necessary for calculating mould costs estimation, especially in the early stages when no mould design is provided. We use this information to provide rapid and accurate estimation after we've identified all of the cost factors.

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